Get ready to PARTY like never before!

I’ve always believed in the power of celebrating our achievements, and now it’s time to do just that!

Join me for an exhilarating virtual party on Saturday, July 01, at 16:00 (UK time) as we rejoice in the incredible journey of my novel, “Things We Do For Love.

During this exclusive event, I’ll be spilling all the juicy details about how this masterpiece came to life.

From the triumphs to the challenges, I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned along the way and answer any burning questions you may have.

But wait, it gets even better!
This party is not just for you—it’s for you and your friends! So grab your favourite crew, spread the word, and let’s create an unforgettable experience together.

But hey, if the timing doesn’t align with your schedule, no need to fret! I got you covered. This party will be recorded, and I’ll ensure you receive the recording to enjoy at your convenience.

So, mark your calendar, spread the word, and get ready to celebrate in style. Even if you can’t join us live, you’ll still get the chance to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of this epic event.

Stay tuned for the recording, and get ready to experience the thrill of the virtual Publication Day Party, tailored to fit your schedule.

Let’s make memories that will last a lifetime, even if it’s in your own time!

To secure your spot at this epic celebration, simply fill in the form below and get ready for an afternoon filled with laughter, inspiration, and pure FUN!

THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE is a family saga that explores what a happy family means.

Daisy Bach, a therapist, has always been certain that she did not want to have children. Her childhood experiences with an overbearing and controlling mother, Verity, who tore the family apart, further cemented this decision. However, at the age of forty-five, Daisy finds herself reconsidering this choice.

Unfortunately, her decision to try and conceive is complicated by her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. With strained family relationships, Daisy faces the daunting task of caring for her elderly parents while also attempting to conceive.

As she navigates this challenging time, Daisy is forced to confront her deep-seated resentment towards Verity. This journey leads her to re-evaluate her beliefs about motherhood, forgiveness, and the true meaning of a “happy” family. Will Daisy find a way to reconcile with her past and make peace with her present? Only time will tell.

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