Film Review – Finding Your Feet

If the Book Club was a disgraceful example of how NOT to portrait the life of senior people, Finding Your Feet is a superb way of presenting it.

When it comes to senior-bait cinema that glorifies the act of seizing the day and taking second chances in one’s golden years, the UK has the upper hand on anything that ever came out of Hollywood.

Film Review – Book Club

Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen can do nothing to rescue a mediocre script.

As far as it goes, Book Club is a mostly painless ride, with a few laugh-out-loud moments, but as Peggy Lee memorably sang, “Is that all there is?”

Film Review – Akeelah and the Bee

As a heavy dyslectic person, watching movies about spelling is an act of masochism and humiliation.

However, Akkelah and the Bee, is one of my all-time-favourite movies when I need a reminder that nothing is impossible.

Film Review – Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Sometimes it’s good to revisit old movies to see how well did they stand the test of time. Revisiting Mr. & Mrs. Smith proves that it is one of those movies that stand that test.

Watching the movie years after the tabloid scandal of what took place “behind the scenes” and the creation (and fall) of BradJolina, the movie proves it still keeps its charm and fun.

Film Review – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

There is a danger in period-dramas films. On one hand, they can feel like over-the-top escapist fantasies that transport the viewer to a simpler time, or explore societal concepts gone but that can inform our current experiences.

On the other hand, they can sometimes feel dull and irrelevant, and also often promote conservative, controversial ideas.

TV Review – Jack Ryan – Season 2

The second season of the Amazon series starring John Krasinski, as Jack Ryan, keeps things exciting and entertaining while maintaining the high standard of writing as the first season.

Jack, Jim, and the rest of their CIA buddies are back with a vengeance in Jack Ryan Season 2, and vengeance is not an exaggeration.

Film Review – Phenomenon

The other night my hubby and I were looking for something to watch that would answer both our needs and we stumbled on this movie. Though it’s an “oldie” (from last century – 1996) we decided to give it a chance.

It’s a movie that makes you think and wonder about the questions it carries even after “The End“ appears on the screen. Isn’t that a good reason to watch a movie?

Film Review – Kinky Boots

Whenever I would teach about Marketing 101 this movie would be the perfect example of what it means niche marketing and changing your product when your market has disappeared.

The other great lesson we can take from this movie concerning marketing is that the key to your success is ASKING your target group what would they want and not deciding it for them.

Film Review – Late Night

By now you know I would watch Emma Thompson read the Telephone book (if it existed) and still enjoy and be hooked by her. But this time it’s the wonderful Mindy Kaling that gets the spotlight in this brutally piercing comedy.

Late Night is a sharp and sincere comedy about sexism in broadcasting in the era of #MeToo and social media written and co-stared by Mindy Kaling.

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