TV Review – Good Omens

Let’s start by a confession – If I had to take only one author’s books to a deserted island it would be Terry Pratchett.

Hearing that Good Omens was turned (finally) into a screen version got me into two minds. First I was delighted then I remembered other attempts to turn Pratchett’s books into a movie and how disappointed I was, but not this time.

Film Review – The Big Wedding

This should have been an easy one, a movie just down my alley, but strange things happen.

My grandmother used to make ice cream saying: “What could go wrong if you have good healthy ingredients”.

It was the worst ice cream you could imagine. The Big Wedding is just like my grandmother’s ice cream.

Film Review – Stan & Ollie

I was hesitant to watch Stan & Ollie. I didn’t want to shutter my childhood image of those two comedians who gave me my first taste in humor.

What I found was a gently melancholic homage to this wonderful duo. It’s never quite as funny as might have been expected, but it tugs at the emotions throughout.

Film Review – Mr. Church

Mr. Church is a great example of a movie where audience liked it while critics and any screenwriter tore it to shreds.

That’s the difference between watching a movie when you understand the craft and when you are blissfully ignorant and rely on how it makes you feel.

Film Review – Britanny Runs a Marathon

I HATE running to a point that I once said “I have a note from God that I’m not allowed to run… and I’m from Jerusalem, so that’s the real-deal”.

So, running movies are not my thing, I’m too scared that it would convince me that I should run.

TV Review – Jane The Virgin

The minute I started watching “Jane The Virgin” I was hooked.

It should not be considered as “fluff” or guilty pleasure. It is a masterpiece in creating a show that is both dramatic and funny by touching and discussing issues such as faith, immigration, abortion, sex and parenting.

Film Review – The Children Act

I’m a HUGE fan of Emma Thompson and in my book she is infallible. Add to it Stanley Tucci, it would always be a good reason to watch a movie.

Though “The Children Act” has all the elements of a great movie, somehow I wasn’t moved by it.

TV Review – For All Mankind

I love What-If movies and alternate timeline stories with all its complications. For All Mankind has a brilliant premise and the execution of it is done incredibly well.

The show presents an alternative history whereby the Soviets won the race to space and were the first ones to land on the moon.

TV Review – The Morning Show

To be honest, I’ve watched only 3 episodes, but had no urge to continue watching.

The Morning Show is a proof that no matter how much money you throw on a show, and how many big stars and great actors and actresses you get involved, if your message is not clear the results would be mediocre.

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