Film Review – Last Holiday

There’s nothing like the holidays to make you turn to rom-com as a last resort to get over that hangover.

Last Holiday fit that bill. It is a nice little rom-com, which packs an emotional punch. It is hard to balance these diverse elements, but the film does a good job of doing just that.

TV Review – The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel – Season 3

No one doubts that there is charm in the shows Amy Sherman-Palladino puts on. The same charm as any nostalgia piece sets can bring. Together with her trademark of rapid-fire dialogues, which can compete with Sorkin, but without the depth.

You can fall in love and become addicted to it.

Film Review – Breathe

The real story of Breathe, is a love story.

It’s the love story of Robin and Diana, it’s a love story to their life and legacy, produced by their son Jonathan Cavendish, and most of all it’s a love story to celebrating life and making the most out of what it gives you.

Film Review – Salt

If ever there were a competition on the best female kick-ass character, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) would absolutely come up at the top 3.

Angelina Jolie, for all intents and purposes, is James Bond in Salt, she never quite says: “The name is Salt. Evelyn Salt” but for all other aspects she is as close as you can get to a female James Bond.

Are You a Perfectionist

I have a confession, and it is hard for me to admit it… I am not a perfectionist. On the contrary, I’m sloppy, I never think till the end and I always have to come back and correct things I’ve done.

If you suffer from this disease called perfectionism let me remind you. All perfectionists have one thing in common. You all achieve… NOTHING.

Film Review – Molly’s Game

We all know Aaron Sorkin can write. The one-man brilliance behind The West Wing, The Social Network, Moneyball The Newsroom and more, his confrontational style blends skill, smartness and, particularly, showiness in a way that leaves no question about his talent.

But in Molly’s Game Sorkin has entered a new dimension, which is, directing and that’s a whole different ballgame.

Film Review – Dumplin’

Who would have thought that Dolly Parton would become an inspirational figure, but after watching Dumplin’ you’ll also rush out and get your hands on her songs to get inspired and confident, just like Willowdean in the above movie.

TV Review – Dead To Me

We all know the saying that a gun in the first act will fire in the third act. But what happens if the gun is used in the first act, how do you continue beyond it? This series shows you how.

Dead to Me presents itself as a mystery show and sometimes maybe as a comedy, but it’s neither that nor that. It’s all about female friendship.

Film Review – Finding Your Feet

If the Book Club was a disgraceful example of how NOT to portrait the life of senior people, Finding Your Feet is a superb way of presenting it.

When it comes to senior-bait cinema that glorifies the act of seizing the day and taking second chances in one’s golden years, the UK has the upper hand on anything that ever came out of Hollywood.

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