I Love Stories

Ever since I was a child I loved stories. I am enchanted by stories that inspire and make me look beyond the surface and discover new facets of life.

I became a writer because I strive to write stories which would stir, motivate and transform the lives of the people that read them.

Whether it would be a novel, a poem or a movie script, I wish the reader to rethink what they know and challenge them to become the best version of who they are.

My Books

I wrote several non-fiction books and now days I am focusing on fiction and especially Women’s Fiction stories, which are close to my heart.

Financial Independence for Women

Take Control Over Your Money.
This book is about waking up, taking action, and moving forward.

It is a step-by-step guide to financial independence and becoming role-models – for ourselves, our daughters and our world.

You can purchase it now on Amazon

Art of Lovemaking

Art of Lovemaking shows you how to recapture the joy, the passion the excitement and the heat you once experienced in your relationship – and invites you to fall in love with your partner all over again

Full Circle

When Russians invade Prague, a young medical student kills a soldier in self-defence.

As authorities hunt for her, she is smuggled beyond The Iron Curtain and sneaks across borders to reach the USA.

“Full Circle” raises important questions about what is more important in life: sticking to one’s ideals and principles or doing whatever it takes to survive. It challenges us to reconsider our understanding of freedom, bravery, and strength.

You can purchase it now on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble

Things We Do for Love

Thing We Do for Love  looks at what a happy family means.

It’s about breaking the myth that all happy families are the same. It re-examines our beliefs about motherhood, old age and the importance of forgiveness in order to live successfully.

You can purchase it now on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble

My Scripts

I’m a movie addict. Movies are my solutions to… EVERYTHING.

Lately it becomes challenging to find the type of movies I wish to see. Thus I became a scriptwriter – to write the movies I dream about.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

She hated her mother, adored her father and resented her sisters.

She had to learn to forgive her mother, accept her sisters and rethink motherhood before she could become a mother.

Color Blind

Genre – Drama
Format – Feature
Comp. – “The Green Book” meets “West”

Color Blind
 is a story on friendship, racism and freedom.

It’s about the conflict between the wish for a normal life and doing the right thing in what you believe.

It’s about how far would you go in defending the values you believe in.

(Script in Progress)

Cuz I Can

“Cuz I Can” is a story of friendship between the most unlikely two women.

It proves that no matter how old you are, or what your past is, you can find success and love when you open up to people.

All is told through the powerful songs and music of P!nk


The true story of Sarah Aaronsohn who after witnessing the Armenian Genocide at the outbreak of WW1 returns back to Palestine to spy for the British against the Turks in order to save the Palestinian Jews from a similar outcome.

(Script in Progress)

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