Why No One Reads Your Blog

I often hear this cry… NO ONE READS MY BLOG!

Believe in the famous sentence from “Fields of Dreams” “Build it and they will come!”, you’re in for a BIG SURPRISE… and not a good one…

Todays’ marketing is based on Social Media and Social media is like a long-term relationship, not a one-night-stand.

If you want to get readers and build a community around your blog here are 7 reasons why no one reads your Blog:

1. Your Blog is all about YOU

Even though you might state you are about your community and helping other people, your blog tells a different story.

Every blog post is about you, what you have done, what you are going to do, what you just finished reading or writing and why you are so awesome.

Quit filling your blog titles with the million hashtags. Your audience is not stupid! They see through and that’s why they don’t revisit your blog, share your blog posts or recommend it to others.

Tip – Help your ideal customer and solve their problems, period. 

2. Your Content Sucks

There is nothing on your blog that resonates with your ideal customer. You are basically babbling about nothing. You may even be repeating the same content every other blogger in your niche is blogging about.

Tip – Dare to be original. Make sure your content has a fresh outlook on a solution your ideal customer is looking for, or make sure you empower them to go out and find a solution. 

3. You don’t know your audience

The reason your content sucks is because you don’t know your audience.

It is going to be really hard to write content that inspires and connects with your audience if you don’t know them.

Tip – Get into their head; know what keeps them up at night and talk to them in their language

4. You are not consistent in your blogging

You want your audience to be waiting at their “doorsteps” for your blog post, in other words at their computers. But if you blog only once or twice a year, or you sometimes do it on Tuesdays, and sometimes on Thursdays, they will not know when to expect your blog post

TipDevelop a plan with goals and objectives that has a full understanding of your audience, and develop an editorial calendar. 

5.  There is no community

Have you made sure you created a space for a community to develop as a result of your Blog? Remember the most important part of social media and online marketing is creating and building a community.

Take time to nurture relationships. You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.

Tip – Make sure you allow people to comment on your Blog and give them an incentive to do it.

6. No body knows about you or your Blog

You could have the BEST blog on the planet but if nobody knows about it, well it won’t do you much good.

If you just launched your blog, please be patient. Be sure that you have a solid plan to build awareness, nurture community and grow your readership over time

Tip – Share your Blog on other social media platforms. Make sure you post your blog on other social platforms to let people know about your Blog

7. Waiting for Perfection

You need to remember that all perfectionists have only one thing is common. All Perfectionists achieve… NOTHING!

Tip – Embrace the imperfect perfection in your blog. Be humble and take your readers along with you on your journey. If you share your ups, downs and learning’s they will be part of the community that builds you.

Then when you start succeeding as a writer/scriptwriter and blogger, your audience and readers will celebrate with you as they feel as though they were part of the development process.

Now it’s your turn…

What mistakes have you made with your Blog? Share with us your experience and tips for better Blog posts

As a thank-you gift I will send you my editorial calendar planner, which helps me to plan and organize all my Social Media activities (not just my Blog Posts) and instructions how to fill it up.

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