Film Review – Yesterday

Even though people might think the movie is about What-If you woke up one day and your icon people were not known, or about another love story, for me the movie was all about a debate on what would you rather be happy or successful.

What I loved was the solution written into the script.

Film Review – Elysium

The only reason I would watch sci-fi movies is if it puts some light on current affairs and show where we could go.

When I read, that Elysium is about the gap between the rich and the poor and gives a futuristic commentary on the immigration debate, I was intrigued. Besides I can never resist anything that would have Matt Damon and Judie Foster on it.

Film Review – Juliet, Naked

I like goofy rom-com, but lately it’s hard to come by one that would satisfy both my romantic soul and my intellectual self. So, when once in a while I get to watch a funny, warm and smart one it’s a night to celebrate.

Juliet, Naked, is a movie about second chances, hope, and redemption from a life of missed opportunities, loneliness and boredom.

Film Review – Widows

Put the word “Diversity” and “We want something like… but different” and you’ll get Widows.

Though Widows can be easily categorized as a Heist movie, it’s not your average heist movie with a twist of an all-female cast. Nothing can be far from Widows as Ocean 8.

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