Film Review – The Road Within

The Road Within deserves praises just for the fact that it is a movie where mental health and “normal” life are being discussed.

It is an attempt to remove the stigma on mental health and show us that beyond the psychological challenges those people face there are human beings with similar emotions dreams and desires as we all have.

Film Review – Pride

You know how some movies just catch your heart and “have you at “Hello”? Well, Pride is one of those movies.

In dramatic terms, the strokes could hardly be broader. Playing to the widest possible audience, Pride employs reassuring cast and familiar Ealing comedy tropes in fine, broad-church fashion.

TV Review – Jack Ryan – Season 1

I really didn’t want to like this series. I even refused watching it. I couldn’t let go of my fan-girl to Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, so you could understand my surprise when I liked it so much

Reviving a known hero figure is always a tricky and delicate process. How do you adapt a character who was a symbol of a bygone era to a totally new political climate and audience preferences?

Film Review – Charlie Bartlett

I’m not a big fan of high schools comedies. Maybe it’s because high school is still a nightmare for me, even after 40+ years, or maybe because it feels immature (it’s high school for crying out loud) and in most cases a waste of my time.

However, there are some exceptions whereby they managed to change the conversation from the high school into a thematic one.

Film Review – Dolemite is My Name

The best thing about biopic movies is that they educate you or at least get you curious to investigate an era or a person that the movie depicted.

This is what happened to me after watching Dolemite is My Name. I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with the term Blaxploitation. I had to go and research it and read more about the history of it. That on it’s own is a great proof for the significance of this movie.

Film Review – Vice

Growing up in a house where history was the main topic of conversation around the dinner table (my father being a History professor) loving biopic and historic movies comes as a second nature to me.

Film Review – Their Finest

You might say that there is “nothing new under the sun” when you watch this movie from a feminist perspective, but the fact that this movie was written (Lissa Evans), adapted (Gaby Schiappe) and directed (Lone Scherfig) by women shows that we did create some progress since the period this movie depicts.

You need to be stone-cold heart not to fall in love with this movie.

Film Review – What We Did On Our Holiday

Growing up in Israel, death was never a topic to laugh about. It was a serious morbid topic we all had to deal with, even as children.

As I grew up I chose to look at it in a different way, which was that we should celebrate the life the person had, not the moment of his or her death.

I was happy to discover that this view is shared in this comedy.

TV Review – Good Omens

Let’s start by a confession – If I had to take only one author’s books to a deserted island it would be Terry Pratchett.

Hearing that Good Omens was turned (finally) into a screen version got me into two minds. First I was delighted then I remembered other attempts to turn Pratchett’s books into a movie and how disappointed I was, but not this time.

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