Speech, The Key to Memorable Characters

Pulling off a successful film to television adaptation is a tricky business.
The question we need to ask ourselves as writers is … what do you need in order to turn a successful movie into a greater successful TV show? What did these successful shows have in common?

Think You Can be a Movie Critic? Be KIND

If you want to be a movie critic that brings value to your readers, why not choose to be KIND? Why not choose to focus on all the aspects that DO WORK?

Kindness does not mean ignoring the parts that need improvements, it means giving respect to those people that made this creation possible and giving them something that they can improve for next time.

The Sandman – Why I LOVE It

For scriptwriters, like me, the show has been a fantastic example on how to balance between staying true to original source while breathing new life and making it into something different.

Pitfalls in Writing Historical Novel

What is a historical novel? Some books are full of facts. In these types of stories, the author fills in only the details they cannot know like specific conversations, internal monologues, or physical reactions. Then there are other books that are only vaguely historical.

Witches That Inspire Us

Witches have been a favorite ‘dark’ element for storytellers from as far back as the bible all the way to current TV franchises and films such as American Horror Story – Coven and The Blair Witch Project.
To celebrate Halloween here are my favourite 10 Witches

Peaky Blinders – What Makes a GREAT Opening Scene

You hear it all the time – your first 10 pages (or 5 for TV) are your most important pages. To make sure readers and viewers would keep watching what you wrote, your opening scene or sequence must grab us by the throat and get our attention.

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