The Witcher – Lessons in Adapting Original Source

Adapting someone else’s original story does not mean your brilliance as a writer is being stifled. On the contrary, watching many adapted stories proves the opposite. Many times the adapted version is much better than the original.

Cobra-Kai – Lessons in Turning a Movie into a Great TV Series

Pulling off a successful film to television adaptation is a tricky business.
The question we need to ask ourselves as writers is … what do you need in order to turn a successful movie into a greater successful TV show? What did these successful shows have in common?

Lessons from Watching “Once Upon A Time” – Part 2

This part is about the lessons that can be learned from the mistakes in the show.

Due to the fact that the show was another trick of the wizard to keep his power there were mistakes that were done that brought down the show.

Lessons from Watching “Once Upon A Time” – Part 1

Once Upon A Time… A great wizard breathed life into the oldest fairy tales and made them come alive for generations of kids.

Watching 7 Seasons of “Once Upon A TIme” taught me important lessons about Scriptwriting and storytelling in the 21st century.

7 Writing Lessons From Binging OUTLANDER

After spending 10 days binging on Outlander and reading the four books, which the TV series is based upon, I’ve found benefits for binging and lessons to be learned about book adaptations.

BOOK VS. FILM: Little Women

It’s 2020 do we REALLY need another adaptation of “Little Women”?

But it seems that a good story will always be revisited, maybe that’s the reason it’s called a classic.

5 Lessons from a Weekly Movie Review

You know how sometimes bad things turn to good when you look at them in perspective of time? Well, that’s what happened to me when I decided to commit to writing a weekly movie review.

My first lesson was… How I can get out of non-supportive thoughts and turn them around.

Film Review – The Bucket List

In our family, there is a tradition of watching The Bucket List on December 31, just like others watch Love, Actually on Christmas day.

This choice might cause a big debate, but I stand behind my opinion about this movie. and here’s why….

Film Review – About Time

It’s easy to sneer on Richard Curtis’s work, but I cannot help falling for his rather self-indulgent romantic comedies. My level head might be crying ‘No,’ but my lopsided heart can’t help but say yes.

For me, resistance is futile when it comes to his scripts and About Time is just another one of them.

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