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BOOK VS. FILM: Firefly Lane – The Case for Non-Linear Storytelling

After finishing the first season of “Firefly Lane,” I couldn’t resist sending a WhatsApp message to my daughter: ” If you ever want to see what kind of teenager I was, you should check out ‘Firefly Lane.’ your mum was Kate during her teens and early twenties – the looks, behaviour, the whole package!” To my amusement, she responded with, “Not really my cup of tea for a TV show.” I guess her reaction is just like what Kate’s daughter, Marah, might say!

Why Every Story Needs a Past – Unveiling the Power of Backstories.

Let’s talk a bit about backstories. I mean it’s called BACKstory and readers want the STORY. So why do we need it?

First, let’s define what is a backstory. A backstory is basically the history of a character, setting, or plot that comes before the story’s main events. It’s like the secret sauce that adds depth and flavour to your narrative.

So, why do we need backstories? Well, they do a bunch of awesome things:

From Suburbia to the Underworld: The Rise of ‘Mom & Dad Do Crime’

Unless you were living under a rock or on a different planet, you’ve probably noticed the rise since 2008 of the phenomena called “Mom & Dad Do Crime”. It’s all about everyday folks diving headfirst into thrilling, illicit adventures that blur the line between right and wrong.

Creating a Character’s Physicality

Crafting a character’s physicality is like adding the perfect seasoning to a delicious story stew. It’s all about creating vivid images and bringing your characters to life on the page or screen. 
But hey, hold your horses! While physical descriptions are important, going overboard can actually harm your story.

The New Villains – Why Are We Fascinated by Them

Gone are the days of the moustache-twirling, one-dimensional villains. Instead, we’re presented with villains who are complex, multi-layered, and even sympathetic in some cases. These new villains are intriguing, leaving us wanting to know more about their motivations and backstory.

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